The Sera Solution

The Sera Solution

We’ve built Sera on the four main principles for running a profitable field service management business:


Sera is delivering incredible results for our clients, often in the first thirty days.

What’s the secret? Sera was designed from a clean slate to simplify your business by handling the complexity for you.

When you look under the hood, you’ll find a rich feature set, built on a foundation of 4 pillars for a successful service business:

Time Savings, Membership Management, Margins, and Cashflow.

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Time Management

Our Booking Assistant and Customer Hub save time for customers and your staff, while Sera’s Smart-Scheduler lets admins focus on managing exceptions and not tasks!

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Member Management

The Membership Manager lets you own your backyard and stay busy during the slower seasons.

Sera Margin Management
Margin Management

Margin Management makes sure you track the KPIs that drive your business’s profitability. With Sera’s Live-Data Dashboards, Job Time Trackers, and a first-ever Business Efficiency Gauge, you will know your margins better than you know yourself!

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Cash flow is the fuel for business growth, and Sera’s payment processing with QuickBooks integration makes your bookkeeping and accounting more manageable than ever.

Sera is currently only available in the U.S.

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Simple means it’s easy to use, intuitive, it’s not complicated… Sera has focused on the things that contribute the most to your profitability.

– Mike Mushinski, President, bluefrog Franchises