Plumbing Service Software

Get ready to save time and money, while reducing redundant scheduling tasks with Sera’s smart scheduling automation. All while increasing efficiency across your business. 

All new Sera clients get a FREE PLUMBING Pricebook.

Plumbing Service Software

Sera Simplifies Plumbing Dispatching

Automatically assign the right Plumber based on priority, capability, and availability.

The intuitive Dispatch Portal makes it easy to view schedules, manually assign or change jobs, check the status of your Plumbers, and track all aspects of a work order.

Sera’s plumbing scheduling software and integrated toolset were developed from years of actual plumbing experience and expertise.

Sera’s Smart Scheduler

With Sera, you can give your customers the ability to schedule appointments online. When customers schedule their own appointments directly on your website, it’s like you’re taking calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Added benefits of online scheduling:

  • Saves your dispatcher time
  • Boosts office efficiency
  • Increases your total number of overall bookings
  • Customers receive immediate confirmation and updates

Online scheduling is a must-have for your business, considering 82% of customers use mobile devices and prefer to schedule online.

Let Sera help you add more money to your bottom line by capitalizing on this opportunity.

Sera Smart Scheduler

Software Designed To Increase Your Profit

The right Field Service Manager software makes all the difference for plumbing contractors, one that reduces dispatchers’ stress and allows them to better support technicians.

Dispatchers love how Sera assigns and auto-tracks all aspects of a job in a single interface. While technicians quickly create and present multiple quotes in minutes.

Other functionalities: 

  • Real-Time Financial and KPI Reporting
  • Profit Generating Cash Flow Tools
  • Live Customer Booking
  • Membership Building & Pathing
  • Easy, Automated Dispatching
Software Designed

What Clients Are Saying About Sera

“Simple means it’s easy to use, intuitive, it’s not complicated… Sera has focused on the things that contribute the most to your profitability.”

– Mike Mushinski


Plumbing Service Software FAQs:

What is Sera’s plumbing service software?

The purpose of plumbing business software is to boost efficiency and a contractor’s bottom line. It accomplishes this by automating many key tasks, including scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, pricing, and customer management.

There are many different types of plumbing software designed to assist with specific functions, including plumbing dispatch software and scheduling software. Field service management software from Sera is a more focused solution that considers the main elements to running a plumbing company, like building trust through excellent customer service, smooth operations, and measuring key financial metrics.

What are the benefits of plumbing business software?

The main advantage of plumbing software is that it helps streamline day-to-day operations in the office and at job sites. It strengthens communication between admin staff and field technicians, which can help increase customer service. For instance, it provides dispatchers with oversight into plumbers’ schedules, enabling them to locate the right technician for the job and route them to the next assignment. 

Plumbing software can also enhance customer satisfaction. Through customer portals, homeowners can schedule appointments at their convenience, review service agreements and past invoices, and accept estimates. Dispatchers also use software to send homeowners notifications about the plumber’s estimated arrival time. Additionally, these portals supply plumbing contractors with ample customer information for management purposes.

Another key benefit of plumbing software is the elimination of tedious tasks. For example, plumbers input updates into the software regarding estimates, invoices, and check or credit card payments. Office staff receive these updates in real time, helping reduce data errors from redundant entries.

Which is the best plumbing software for my business?

The best software solution will depend on what your business needs for efficient job management. Before making a decision, consider what software features will most benefit your plumbers and admin staff. Contractors also want to think about the intuitiveness of the platform, the ability to integrate with other software like CRM, and the amount of customer support the provider offers.

Features that make Sera the top choice of many residential plumbing contractors include: 

  • Free access to a proven pricebook, with the ability to add your own pricebook if you prefer 
  • Pricing options designed for scalability 
  • Easy onboarding with extensive customer support 
  • Membership management to help grow members and secure year-round work 
  • Quick, on-site quote building that allows plumbers to generate quotes without needing to contact office staff 
  • Live online booking widget and customer portal that integrates seamlessly with websites 

How much does plumbing service software cost? 

Sera is proud to offer scalable pricing for plumbing contractors. We base our pricing model on the number of techs a contractor employs. This straightforward model makes it easy to increase your services as the business grows. What’s more, there are no add-on fees as you scale up; all features are included with the price, regardless of the size of your company. 

How does Sera’s software help plumbing businesses achieve efficiency? 

Sera bases its software on four pillars we believe support the structure of any field service business, especially small-to-medium-sized field service companies. These pillars — or principles — include: 

  • Time Management 
    • Booking Assistant and Automated Dispatching enable software to handle repetitive tasks 
    • Tech App reduces time spent with payment processing, quoting, and sales to enhance customer service 
    • Admin Portal gives office staff live data for greater supervision, strengthening internal communication 
    • Customer Hub boosts customer experience by storing job details plumbers need to provide the best service 
  • Margin Management 
    • Job Time Tracker evaluates the efficiency of each job 
    • Live-Data Dashboard highlights the profit and loss information for all plumbing jobs, as well as aggregate efficiency 
    • Financial data for setting the right pricing and KPIs for measuring profitability
  • Cash Flow 
    • Real-time updates to prices within seconds 
    • QuickBooks payment processing integration for better accounting and bookkeeping
  • Member Management 
    • Membership management for increasing memberships, which leads to repeat business, year-round work, and higher revenue

Is there a mobile version of plumbing software? 

Since plumbing contractors have plumbers working in the field, software needs to be available on mobile devices. Most plumbing software mobile apps are compatible with IOS and Android devices and similar operating systems.

Does Sera’s plumbing software allow for QuickBooks integration? 

An accounting software many plumbing contractors use is QuickBooks Online from Intuit. QuickBooks is essential for managing financial information. Sera’s plumbing software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks for managing several financial tasks, as well as limiting instances of redundant data entry.

Can plumbing software help grow a business? 

Although the primary objective of plumbing service software is to help plumbing contractors operate more efficiently, it can also help boost the bottom line. Consider the following ways our software helps your business grow: 

  • Streamlines the more time-consuming tasks of having a plumbing business, providing more time to focus on productive efforts 
  • Prevents contractors from needing to hire more personnel for admin tasks, allowing them to focus on growing the number of plumbers they employ to secure more work 
  • Increases first-time fix rates through automated dispatching, augmenting customer satisfaction 
  • Eliminates pricing errors that may inhibit profitability

What’s the onboarding process for plumbing software? 

Sera ensures our plumbing service software is easy to implement with hassle-free onboarding. Our team delivers personalized guidance as you make the transition to our software. You’ll work with a designated Onboarding Specialist who is by your side during the initial onboarding steps until the day of launch. This specialist will check in with you through your preferred method of communication, and they’ll also complete all data importation tasks. 

In addition to a simple onboarding process, Sera provides each client access to an online Knowledge Center with hundreds of answers to the most frequently asked questions about different components of our FSM software.