Sera FSM Software on Track for Triple-Digit Growth in 2023

Sera experiences robust first-year growth with its total business solution for small-to-medium-size field service companies

GRAPEVINE, TX, March 7, 2023 – Sera emerged from beta early in 2022 and closed out the year as the fastest-growing field service management software company in its space, according to industry observers.

Industry analysts have called the company’s growth “robust.” As demand for home services soared throughout the COVID pandemic, Sera built momentum and has kept it growing.

Billy Stevens, Sera founder and CEO, said the company expects to triple in size in 2023 due to the enthusiastic response from customers. He said the high inflation that followed in the wake of the pandemic has caused field service business owners to re-think their FSM software choices.

“Inflation has been brutal on this industry,” Stevens said. “Field service management software that doesn’t help contractors improve their margins will not get the job done in today’s business environment. Sera is the only FSM software with a laser focus on net profit margin based on each client’s own profit & loss statement data.”

Double-Digit Revenue Increases

Most companies switching to Sera from other FSM software boast double-digit revenue gains within the first six months. The average gains for companies comparing year-over-year data is greater than 50 percent revenue increases and up to 30 percent business efficiency gains.

Stevens says that in addition to net profit margin, Sera emphasizes managing time, cash flow, and membership plans. 

Developed by a Plumbing/HVAC Owner 

That approach results from Steven’s experience building two eight-figure-revenue plumbing and HVAC companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. The second company was started as a working testbed for Sera’s software and continues to serve in that capacity. 

That four-year-old company has reached an unprecedented EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation) level of 26 percent three consecutive years while posting year-on-year growth of more than 30 perecent using Sera.

Voice of the Customer

Sera also has listened closely to it customers, delivering new capabilities they want and need. This includes software upgrades and strategic partnerships and integrations for task automation, call tracking, payment processing, warranties, marketing and reputation management.

“We have several partnerships and software improvements coming that will change the way software will be used in the future,” Stevens said. “As we grow, Sera is becoming smarter and even easier to use, helping companies improve in all areas of their businesses.” 

Developments now under way include expanded payment and accounting integrations and adding more intelligent automation in several areas.   

The company’s business model goes beyond providing user-friendly software. Sera functions as a partner, pointing out opportunities revealed by customers’ data and suggests ways to improve their business operations.  

About Sera Systems

Sera Systems opens a new era of field service management software that is increasing revenue by more than 50% for small-to-midsize companies within six months of installation. Sera focuses on managing time, profit margin, cash flow, and membership plans using each client’s own data to boost financial performance and establish long-term business viability and growth. Sera’s core components of automated Admin Portal, industry-first Customer Hub, and intuitive Tech App offer a total business solution that needs no add-ons. Sera is fully operational in 30 days. For more information, please visit

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