Sera vs. ServiceTitan

Sera vs. ServiceTitan


Sera Systems

Sera’s FSM software is an integrated business solution with three core components (automated Admin Portal, industry-first Customer Hub, and intuitive Tech App) that work together in real-time to provide a complete software solution. Sera eliminates the need for managing different software for every task, which consolidates many core business functions. 

Sera’s founder, Billy Stevens, used his firsthand experience as an owner of multi-million HVAC and plumbing companies and as a Master Plumber to build software he wished he had when he was a contractor. He wanted software to support two main goals for his business: less chaos, and more cash. Sera integrates automation to reduce redundant tasks and the chaos of running a home service business, all while creating efficiency and identifying gaps to help contractors stop losing money on jobs. The software allows for easy use and has a low learning curve, so the benefits of the scheduling software are immediately apparent.


ServiceTitan was started in 2007 and provides service scheduling software. ServiceTitan has continued to grow within the industry. Based on their tenure, ServiceTitan is well known as a field service software provider that caters to larger companies that have 20 or more trucks. 

Their software prioritizes customization and provides a litany of features for use. They have so many layers of options and customization that in the industry the software has been referred to as the “onion” software! While the software offers a lot of features, it does take some time to fully customize the program for individual needs and integrate it into current business processes. It is also much more expensive than competitors. 

Comparing the Basics

Both companies have tried and tested software in the service industry and bring something different to the table. Sera Systems is streamlined and currently caters to 5+ truck contractors seeking to improve their bottom line and a quick return on increased revenue and lower labor costs. Meanwhile, ServiceTitan has more customizable features, focuses on 20 truck or more companies, and a longer ramp-up to see the full benefit.

Which software is the best in the long run? And which is the right choice for your business? Here, we discuss what field service contractors should know and take into account before deciding on the FSM software they’ll use. 


Sera Systems

One of Sera Systems’ greatest features is its ease of use. Because Sera’s founder was a plumbing contractor and service business owner before creating our software, we are acutely aware of the need for software that makes dispatching easier, not more complicated. Sera was specifically designed to make scheduling and managing projects very straightforward and work well in tandem with other programs. We put so much work into our product’s ease of use because 47% of the contractors who have registered for our webinar series cite it as their top deciding factor for FSM software. 


Due to its long history and wide range of features, ServiceTitan is a popular software solution for home service companies. When subscribing to ServiceTitan’s software, customers can expect to receive solutions for dispatching, scheduling, call booking, marketing, QuickBooks, and more, along with a Pro option to “supercharge” these same features. ServiceTitan is marketed as a solution for a wide range of businesses in the service industry.

ServiceTitan is a complex program with a steep learning curve even for contractors familiar with field service management software. The learning curve can be even steeper for businesses that don’t have any prior experience with field service management software. In addition, the software is intended to be an all-in-one solution for management and marketing, so for those who don’t intend to use every feature included it can become overly complicated.

Job Efficiency

Sera Systems

One of Sera’s primary goals is to help contractors grow their bottom line and make more than the industry average of 8% profit on jobs. To do this, our software prioritizes jobs that bring in the most revenue and includes features such as margin pricing, live job time efficiency tracking, and membership program management. These are just a few elements that allow clients to experience an average revenue increase of 52% after just six months of making the switch to Sera’s FSM software.

Sera’s primary focus is to help home service businesses grow their bottom line by understanding their numbers and eliminating gaps that result in losing money on jobs. This is achieved by:

  • Prioritizing projects with the most profit potential alongside features like real-time job time efficiency tracking
  • Built-in dynamic dispatcher
  • Free HVAC/Plumbing pricebook
  • Membership program management 

By accounting for every technician’s time, all year long, your business can only benefit. Real-time insights and data within the software also make business decisions all the easier, allowing for increased profitability on each and every job, which gets more of the money you earn to your bottom line. Plus, by understanding the time technicians spend on each job, owners can make adjustments as needed to increase efficiency. This allows for more jobs to be completed. It’s like having additional techs without having to hire additional employees.


Very large service businesses will likely find it more beneficial to invest in a ServiceTitan subscription than a smaller business because of the number of features. While a larger number of features is often seen as a plus, it’s important for contractors to consider: 

  • Employee learning curve to use and master the software 
  • Are additional staff needed to properly use the software
  • Ramp-up time before experiencing ROI

Also, for larger companies to truly benefit from ServiceTitan, contractors need to ensure all of the features are being used. For smaller businesses, there’s a likelihood they won’t get the full value out of the software the same way a larger company would.

Customer Service

Sera Systems

When it comes to customer service and reliability, Sera Systems has an unparalleled user experience. Our specialists ensure clients receive the guidance and assistance needed every step of the way from onboarding to clients, to continued client support from their assigned Customer Success Managers. Our onboarding customer satisfaction score is 93.3%. Two-thirds of all inbound customer support inquiries are answered within 20 minutes during the business week. Customer service is behind everything we do and it’s something we show through our actions, not just words.


Although it is a popular FSM software option, customer service is one area where ServiceTitan falls short in the industry. Reviews from ServiceTitan users often cite that representatives tend to be unhelpful and rushed, leaving businesses to solve their problems on their own. ServiceTitan prefers to let their software do the talking for them. While it’s a good software once a user understands it, learning the software takes a long time and there is not much help in learning it or if any issues arise while you work through the various layers of the software.

Switching to Sera

If you’re looking for a ServiceTitan alternative that’s more user-friendly and straightforward but is still powerful enough to help you increase your bottom line and make data-driven decisions about your business, you need to meet Sera. Our home field management software is more than just the best alternative to ServiceTitan – it’s the best software on the market for the home service industry. 

Don’t believe us? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with a Sera Solution Manager, then discover how easy and beneficial our software can be with a Sera demo. Feel free to compare our demo to that of ServiceTitan as well! We’re confident you will find our software to be the best in the business.


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