Improving the financial health of HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and other Home Service Businesses

Use Sera to manage day-to-day operations, increase efficiencies, and ensure each job is profitable.

Meet Sera

A Field Service Management (FSM) software that ensures the jobs field service businesses complete are profitable.

Sera’s capabilities to track job time efficiency, use of dynamic dispatching, and a pricing model based on P&L statements, margin pricing, and labor rate are all elements that help make more than the industry average of 8% margin on a job.

Clients have shown an average of a 52% revenue increase compared to their previous FSM solution within the first six months of usage.

Some of Our Clients

The 3 Core Components of Sera

The Admin Portal

The Customer Hub

The Tech App

The Admin Portal

The Command Center of Your Business

A core feature of the Admin Portal is the Dynamic Dispatcher, which uses automated intelligence to dynamically pre-assign jobs and reduces 75-80% of the workload associated with manual scheduling.

Within the portal, you’ll understand the efficiency of each job by accounting for everyones’ time on all jobs. Data is also presented visually which helps streamline your business through actionable insights and increase profitability.

The Customer Hub

Simplified Scheduling and Customer Experience

The Customer Hub includes the widget and portal. Through the widget, new and returning customers schedule appointments based on the service needed while selecting from available times that work with their schedule.

Through the portal, customers can check service history, accept estimates, and view invoices, the hub also links back to your domain, which helps with your organic search results as customers spend more time on your website.

The Tech App

Straightforward Software That Generates A Consistent Experience

Customers have a consistent experience across all jobs as the workflow with the app ensures techs follow the same steps for every job. The app also allows for:

  • Multiple quotes built within minutes
  • Two-column quoting with membership cost savings
  • Healthy competition between techs across profitability categories, like average ticket price, memberships sold, and job closing percentage
  • Easy-to-use task-picker helps techs make better and more consistent suggestions or add-ons during the quoting process.
  • Customers and technicians can view quote acceptance, changes, and completed work
  • Location GPS services allow for real-time updates to the customers about arrival times.

What Clients Are Saying About Sera

Watch the video and learn more about how Sera's home field service management software increases profitability and efficiency.

“Sera … has focused on the most important things to running a business and the things that contribute most to your profitability. It was a no-brainer to recommend it.”

– Mike Mushinski,

“Everything’s on Sera … which makes things a lot more efficient.”

– David Ocampo,

“The techs love it. They love the fact that you can create multiple quotes right then and there when you’re inside the customer’s home.”

– Randy Keller,

Field Service Management Software For All Types of Home Services Businesses

HVAC Software

Generate bigger tickets, dispatch more efficiently, automate service agreements, customer history, and more.


Plumbing Software

Keep your plumbing  jobs on track, your customers informed, and give your crew the job details they need – on demand.


Electrical Software

Schedule jobs efficiently, optimize routes, and send quotes and invoices by text with our electrical software. 


Garage Door Software

Manage mobile workforces efficiently, streamline and optimize costs for garage door businesses.

Garage Door

Top Reasons Why Customers Choose Sera

Best in Class Support and Customer Satisfaction

Automated Smart Scheduling
Sera’s AI dispatcher schedules based on capability, availability, and priority.
Live Customer Booking
The live booking widget and customer portal integrates directly with your website.
Quick and Easy Quote Building
Techs can quickly build multiple quotes in under 3 minutes!
Membership Growth Engine
Learn how to boost your memberships to 500+ members per $1 million in revenue.