Sera vs. Jobber

Sera vs. Jobber

The field service industry is a pillar of a functioning society. Having the right software for your service business is crucial to upholding this role. Without the right software, it’s harder for customers to do business with you, there’s a good chance of incorrect job pricing and lacking real-time data. Unlike other types of companies, field service businesses require most employees to be in separate locations, so your management software needs to be a tool that keeps everyone connected.

Sera Systems and Jobber are two popular field service management software brands. Which one is right for you? In this comparison piece, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the software used by residential HVAC and plumbing contractors.

Sera Systems

Sera’s platform functions on three core components: Automated Admin Portal, Industry-first Customer Hub, and Intuitive Tech App, which all work together in real-time. In addition to the core components, reasons HVAC and plumbing contractors love Sera include:

  • Automated smart scheduling which reduces redundant tasks and employee stress 
  • Live customer booking
  • Quick and easy quote building in under 3 minutes
  • Membership growth engine, which provides year-round business

A key focus of Sera is helping contractors run their business more efficiently by charging for every minute of everyone’s time, all year long. Being the only software in the industry to offer Job Time Efficiency (JTE), users get rid of unnecessary time-wasting touchpoints. In addition to JTE, Sera is built on the four main principles of time management, member management, margin management, and cash flow. Because of these differentiators,  Sera clients on average see a 52% increase in margins within the first six months.

Sera also helps increase your bottom line by eliminating redundant tasks through automated intelligence, which matches technician skills and capabilities and location to specific jobs.  This frees up several hours from your employees’ days and more jobs are completed without having to hire extra technicians. Customer service is also a strong suit of the company, which is backed by a 90% Onboarding Customer Satisfaction Score and a 71 Net Promoter Score after 120 days of using Sera.

71 Net Promoter Score after 120 days of using Sera


Tailored for small businesses, Jobber is well suited for the cleaning, green, and contracting sectors. They handle electrical, janitorial cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, window washing, and landscaping. Jobber’s software functionality supports Job Management, Business Operations, and an easy-to-use interface.

Based on their research, 33% of people would pay 20% more than average for a convenient experience, Jobber attempts to provide this to customers through an interface designed for ease of use and automation. Features comprise a mobile app, one-click conversion, batch invoicing, route optimization, and dispatching and scheduling.


Sera Systems’ platform is designed to provide a consistent and efficient user experience, one that allows for the quick generation of multiple quotes with a two-column layout and includes a task-picker for technicians. Healthy competition amongst techs through ticket price comparisons is a core feature of the software as well as focusing on HVAC and plumbing home service businesses.  Sera offers streamlined services and features to help increase HVAC and plumbing contractors’ bottom line.

Sera Systems onboarding can be completed within 30 days based on a client’s schedule and delivers revenue growth from the first month. Clients receive exceptional customer support, which boasts high customer satisfaction rates, with 90% of customers satisfied and 64% of support tickets receiving responses within 20 minutes.

At Sera, our software was built with business principles in mind, principles that help ensure you make more than the industry average of 8% on jobs, while simplifying your business.

Contact us now to explore how you can reduce employees’ stress and add more of the money you already make to your bottom line.

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