Sera vs. Service Fusion

Sera vs. Service Fusion

One of the biggest decisions when implementing FSM software is choosing the right software provider. There are several features that every contractor needs, but not all providers consider the same functions standard. When researching providers, contractors are sure to discover Sera Systems and Service Fusion, two leading providers. Here, Sera compares these FSM software options to help contractors make the right choice.

Sera Systems

Sera's FSM software is unique because it's designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized residential plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors. Our platform is based upon four principles that contribute to greater operational efficiency for these businesses — Time Management, Member Management, Cash Flow, and Margin Management.

Using FSM software from Sera, contractors can decrease inefficiencies that hinder productivity and customer service while building the bottom line. Our software is made up of three core components, including:

Automated Admin Portal

Automated intelligence supports dynamic dispatching of jobs. Dispatchers optimize workflows with schedules based on key factors like job priority and a tech's availability and skill level. This simplifies scheduling for office staff, lightening workloads, and alleviating stress for office staff.

Customer Hub

The first of its kind in the FSM software industry, our Customer Hub consists of two elements — the live booking widget and the customer portal. The widget integrates seamlessly into a contractor's website and allows new and returning homeowners to schedule appointments for the required services at times most convenient for them. The customer portal allows homeowners to review their service history and past invoices, accept estimates, and get real-time updates about estimated tech arrival times.

The Customer Hub also provides a wellspring of data, empowering businesses to deliver a better customer experience. The live booking widget interacts with the software's Smart Dispatching function, helping dispatchers identify high-priority jobs. Techs can access information about homeowners before arriving at job sites to provide better service.

Intuitive Tech App

A significant part of increasing efficiency is ensuring consistent service delivery with all jobs. Sera's Intuitive Tech App provides contractors with the FSM tools to optimize sales processes, such as quote building. For example, it allows techs to produce quotes and invoices and schedule follow-up appointments at the job site, eliminating the downtime of needing to contact office staff for this information.

Other benefits of the Intuitive Tech App include the task-picker, which helps techs make more informed suggestions for additional services a homeowner may want. For techs and homeowners, scheduling software offers a convenient, mobile location for reviewing job changes, accepted quotes, and completed work.

These components enhance the daily processes that residential contractors must complete to run a successful business.

See some of the other functionalities Sera's software provides users:

  • Simple, user-friendly design not bogged down by unnecessary features
  • Access to a free and fully customizable price book of $3,700 in value (for HVAC and plumbing contractors only)
  • Membership building and pathing to help secure year-round work
  • Insight into job time efficiency to help pinpoint gaps in pricing
  • Integration with accounting software like QuickBooks 
  • Real-time drive tracking capabilities to update homeowners about tech arrival times
  • A pain-free onboarding experience with a designated onboarding specialist who provides support from day one until launch
  • World-class customer service and access to a Knowledge Center with answers to the most pressing questions about our FSM software
  • Pricing based on the number of techs a contractor employs to allow more businesses to obtain services that fit their budgets

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is another option for FSM software, and this provider also focuses on the features most important for small and midsized contractors. Multiple pricing models mean contractors of different capacities can obtain software at a cost they can afford. Features Service Fusion delivers include:

Customer and Job Management Tools

  • Customer experience management with options for managing multiple service locations, devising multiple customer contacts, and establishing preferred methods of communication
  • Optimized scheduling and dispatching for better oversight of jobs and estimates
  • Intelligent cost estimating to generate more jobs and organize them according to priority, as well as schedule more appointments on-site 
  • Drag-and-drop tools for simple adjustments to schedules 
  • Real-time notifications to keep homeowners updated about tech ETAs and help dispatchers keep tabs on scheduled jobs 

Back Office Tools

  • Mobile job management through an app that reduces office visits, paperwork, and other delays
  • Estimates management for offering multiple and flexible estimate options and turning more estimates into jobs
  • Quickbooks integration to sync accounting software with FSM software and keep financial information up to date
  • eSign capabilities for secure, streamlined service agreements

Which FSM Software Is Best for Your Business?

Residential contractors are encouraged to think about their specific needs to decide the best FSM software. Sera Systems and Service Fusion are just two vendors contractors have at their disposal; other options include ServiceTitan, FieldEdge, Housecall Pro, and Jobber.

Residential contractors debating which FSM software to choose find a cost-effective choice with the features they need in Sera's software. The following showcases what makes Sera such a reliable provider:

  • 75-80% reduction in the workload of manual scheduling
  • 52% uptick in margins within the first six months
  • 30-day completion time for onboarding for most clients
  • 90% Customer Satisfaction Score for onboarding
  • 71 Net Promoter Score after 120 days
  • 20-minute or less response times for 64% of customer support tickets

Learn More About Sera's FSM Software

With FSM software from Sera, residential contractors can root out inefficiencies, detect gaps in pricing, and ultimately enhance productivity to support the bottom line. To learn more about our FSM software and its benefits, contact us today and schedule a 15-minute discovery call or get information about a 45-minute demo.


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