Frequently Asked Questions

What type of businesses use Sera’s Field Service Management software?

HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Contractors that service and Install/Changeout in the residential market within the U.S.  A majority of Sera’s clients are also small-to-medium sized home service businesses.

How is Sera different from other FSM software?

Sera includes a Dynamic Dispatcher and Smart Scheduler which minimize the stress of redundant tasks associated with automated scheduling and dispatching processes. Sera’s pricing model is based on P&L statements and accounts for margin pricing, and labor rates, which are crucial to ensuring each job is profitable.

How does Sera help improve efficiency?

Sera’s software functionality includes automated scheduling, consistent workflows, and job time efficiency tracking and reporting.

What is job time efficiency?

It allows you to track and charge for ALL time spent on a job. Learn more about job time efficiency in this short video.

What Accounting software do you integrate with?

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

Can I change how Sera's automated dispatcher schedules?

Yes, you can configure the software by including the information important for your business related to margin, labor rate, time to complete a job, technician capabilities, and more.

How much control does my dispatcher/CSR have over the schedule?

While we encourage the use of our technology to optimize schedule and dispatching, complete control remains in the hands of dispatchers.

Can I use my own price book or customize Sera's complimentary price book?

Yes, you can utilize their own price book, or Sera’s price book is provided at no charge and is fully customizable. We offer a complimentary HVAC and/or Plumbing price book.

What are the core components of Sera’s Field Service Management software?

Admin portal, Customer Hub, Tech App, and online booking widget.

How much is Sera?

Cost is billed per technician, per month, there is no minimum number of techs a business needs to use Sera.

How long does it take to implement Sera?

Typically businesses use Sera in the field within 30 days of signing up. Each client works with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist who is their contact person from the first day of onboarding to the day you launch with Sera. Times vary based on the availability of the client’s staff to train and adopt.

What marketing capabilities does Sera have?

  • Ability to group based on key customer information such as members, non-members, and equipment types
  • Tracking promo codes, which can be applied to invoices
  • Data list exporting which can be used for email or direct mail outreach
  • Call tracking of campaigns through CallRail to understand which campaigns are directly tied to revenue