Who is Sera

Sera™ is a Field Service Management software company based in Grapevine, Texas that helps small to large-sized HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Home Service businesses grow their financial health. Our FSM solution utilizes automated intelligence (AI) to enhance dispatching efficiencies and ensure your jobs are profitable by using a pricing model based on P&L statements, margin pricing, and the labor rate.

Sera is delivering incredible results for our clients, often in the first thirty days.

What’s the secret? Sera was designed from a clean slate to simplify your business by handling the complexity for you.

We’ve built Sera on the four main principles for running a profitable field service management business.

When you look under the hood, you’ll find a rich feature set, built on a foundation of 4 pillars for a successful service business: Time Savings, Membership Management, Margins, and Cashflow.

Time Management

Our Booking Assistant and Customer Hub save time for customers and your staff, while Sera’s Smart-Scheduler lets admins focus on managing exceptions and not tasks!

Member Management

The Membership Manager lets you own your backyard and stay busy during the slower seasons.

Margin Management

Margin Management makes sure you track the KPIs that drive your business’s profitability. With Sera’s Live-Data Dashboards, Job Time Trackers, and a first-ever Business Efficiency Gauge, you will know your margins better than you know yourself!


Cash flow is the fuel for business growth, and Sera’s payment processing with QuickBooks integration makes your bookkeeping and accounting more manageable than ever.

What Makes Us Different

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How Sera Came About

Sera Systems founder Billy Stevens set out to create the next generation of Field Service Business Management software. One that was based on P&L statements while creating efficiencies as everything in a service business ultimately comes down to time. 

Being the owner of billyGO, a multi-million dollar plumbing, and HVAC company, Billy experienced firsthand how most field service business management software was a box of assorted tools for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, inventory, and payments vs. an integrated business FSM solution to efficiently run a home service business.

Billy further realized a majority of plumbing and HVAC companies make an average industry of 8% margin on a job because of inefficiencies and missed costs. To help clients increase their profitability, he ensured the structure of Sera accounted for margin pricing, labor rates, COGS, and overhead expenses as each financial item directly affects a company’s P&L statement. Billy also ensured memberships were part of Sera’s structure as he personally used them to generate additional business and keep technicians busy during slower seasons.

Helping clients increase efficiency and profitability are areas of focus at Sera, which is why we help educate clients and provide them a field service business management software with unique functionality.

Total Business Solution

Sera is an FSM solution that includes everything you need to run your business while driving growth. Sera’s solutions entail:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Dynamic dispatching 
  • Real-time online booking widget for your website
  • Admin Portal 
  • Customer Hub 
  • Tech App with quoting and payment processing
  • Membership Growth Tools
  • Complimentary HVAC and/or Plumbing Pricebook
  • And more

Mission Statement

Provide home service businesses with the tools and knowledge to enhance their efficiencies and profitability

Our Areas of Focus


Helping clients increase profitability

Ease of Use

Straightforward and easy user experience

Business Relationships

Developing long-term relationships

Client Centered

Putting the client first


Creating efficiencies