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Loyalty Plumbing

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In 2022, Nick Rollins, Managing Partner, started Loyalty Plumbing which services residential customers in Las Vegas. A focus of the company is providing great workmanship while creating an experience customers will remember well after a Loyalty Plumbings visit.

Starting Out

Prior to starting Loyalty Plumbing, Nick held a Sales/Project Manager role at a larger company, where he gained firsthand experience using the company’s Field Service Management (FSM) software. When considering software for Loyalty Plumbing, a one-man truck, he knew the FSM software his previous employer used didn’t cater to smaller companies. He also wanted software that offered simplicity, that he could easily move over his database and other information, and was easy for his team to learn.

After reviewing FSM software like HousecallPro and Jobber, Nick moved forward with Sera Systems. According to Nick, “Sera is simple with a lot of extras. It makes employees’ jobs easier as they already have a direction they are going, which helps ensure everyone is working on the same page.”

Not All Software Is The Same

With numerous FSM software on the market, what differentiates them from other software isn’t always clear. One of the features that differentiates Sera is the dynamic dispatcher which uses automation to schedule jobs. Nick really likes the dispatcher as it provides him with real-time information and reduces the number of times his dispatcher has to physically move jobs on the board.

Loyalty plumbingAs a business owner, Nick also understands the importance of understanding his numbers and getting into the grit of things. Between the simplicity and variety of reports included within Sera- reports like ARR, memberships, and last date of customer communication, Loyalty Plumbing employees have the information at their fingertips.

Learning Curve

When asked how Nick described the overall learning curve to implement the software based on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = wasn’t easy, 5 = very easy) Nick gave it a rating of 5 and referred to it as being smooth sailing. Part of what made the learning curve smooth sailing was his relationship with his onboarding specialist, Kareem who took the time to answer any questions he had and quickly get him up to speed during onboarding.  

Proof Through Numbers

Understanding how a home service business is performing is often time-consuming; however, Sera’s dashboard provides a clear line of sight of what is working well and what isn’t, eliminating time-consuming tasks. As a core component of Sera’s platform, Nick has a snapshot of how the company is performing at all times.

Within the first year of being on Sera, Loyalty Plumbing has experienced consistent growth of around 50% revenue growth. This growth has allowed the company to go from one field tech to a seven-field staff while crossing over the million-dollar mark.


Loyalty Plumbing has also experienced consistent growth across memberships, resulting in memberships being up 500% from April 2022 to April 2023. Nick contributes the growth to office staff having the time to identify customers who aren’t members and then contacting those customers instead of spending time dispatching jobs. According to Nick, membership sales are one of the most important things for a young company. Sera has helped Loyalty Plumbing scale through memberships by showing membership pricing vs. non-membership pricing when presenting a quote to a customer.

Loyalty Plumbing named their membership program Buddy Bonus Program and customers pay between $100-$200 to become a member. Discounts are offered for seniors and veterans. A fun fact about the program, the name comes from their mascot Buddy, which is one of Nick’s actual dogs.

Final Thoughts

One of Nick’s favorite aspects of Sera is being able to quickly get questions answered and quarterly check-ins. During his check-ins, he and his Customer Success Manager review his numbers, address questions he has, and recommendations are shared on how he can further grow his bottom line through the software.

When asked what’s one piece of advice Nick would give himself when just starting out, he said, “You’re not going to get where you got with who you knew, you have to find new people who know what you don’t. Get around a really great group of people who know what’s going on and can teach you.”

Loyalty Plumbing

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