Plumbing Dispatching and Scheduling Software

Sera’s plumbing scheduling and dispatching software utilizes smart automation to increase workforce efficiency and save you time and money

Don’t miss out. All new Sera clients get a FREE PLUMBING Price Book.


Plumbing Dispatching and Scheduling Software

Sera’s plumbing scheduling and dispatching software utilizes smart automation to increase workforce efficiency and save you time and money

Sera Simplifies Plumbing Dispatching and Scheduling

Sera Simplifies Plumbing Dispatching

Automatically assign the right Plumber based on priority, capability, and availability.

The intuitive Dispatch Portal makes it easy to view schedules, manually assign or change jobs, check the status of your Plumbers, and track all aspects of a work order.

Sera’s software and integrated toolset were developed from years of actual plumbing experience and expertise.

Sera’s Smart Scheduler

Sera’s Smart Scheduler

By giving your customers the ability to schedule appointments online will save your dispatchers time, boost office efficiency, and increase your total number of overall bookings.

Your customers schedule their own appointments directly on your website and receive immediate confirmation and updates. 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

82% of customers use mobile devices and prefer to schedule online. Sera will help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Automation that Goes Beyond Scheduling and Dispatching

Automation that Goes Beyond Scheduling and Dispatching

The Customer Hub provides a centralized location for your customers to view their invoices and job records including photos and other important information.

Provide a handy way for your customers to schedule and reschedule new appointments or view updates on a current job. 

Simplify your customer experience by making it easy for them to find everything they need all in one place.


Every Sera customer gets a FREE plumbing price book. That’s a $3700 value! Your price book is fully customizable so you are completely in charge of your business’s bottom line!

Sera’s exclusive pre-populated plumbing price book allows for multi-quote presentation of good, better, and best, along with 2 column quoting to show membership savings!!!

Use our proven price book or add your own. Our customer success team will help every step of the way.

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Software Designed To Increase Your Profit

Managers increase productivity through detailed job efficiency reports. Technicians create and present multiple quotes in minutes. Dispatchers love how Sera assigns and auto tracks all aspects of a job in a single interface.

  • Real-Time Financial and KPI Reporting
  • Profit Generating Cash Flow Tools
  • Live Customer Booking
  • Membership Building & Pathing
  • Easy, Automated Dispatching
  • Powerful Tech Quoting Engine

“Simple means it’s easy to use, intuitive, it’s not complicated… Sera has focused on the things that contribute the most to your profitability.” – Mike Mushinski


Your Success Is Our Success

Customer Support sets us apart. Our 3-layered customer experience has the same goal as you – to ensure your business is healthy and thriving.

Tech App

The Tech App gives your technicians powerful tools to increase their efficiency and simplify the sales process. Techs can easily find information on upcoming appointments including customer submitted data, documents, diagnostics, product photos and warranty information. 

Quickly build tiered quotes and invoices on-the-fly, book repeat calls, and future installation dates without needing to contact the office.

Admin Portal

Track real-time metrics including over 100 live KPIs on the dashboard. Use the Tech Leaderboard to monitor and compare how your service technicians are performing. Monitor and trend daily opportunities, memberships, win rates, and more.

Know exactly when it is time to hire additional techs and installers. At a glance accounting information makes it easy to monitor your business’s financials.

Customer Hub

Provide your customers with detailed information about upcoming service and previous appointments. Real-time drive tracking details, previous invoices, order details, the ability to schedule and reschedule and much more.

The booking widget interacts with Smart Dispatching, which automatically elevates high-priority jobs. Customer submitted data, including notes, are organized and grouped for easy access by dispatchers and technicians within their apps.